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Improving Your UCC Meeting-Room Audio
The most important part of any video call or conferencing meeting is the audio. Without good audio, there’s no meeting. In this free Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions webinar, now available to watch on-demand, learn how to leverage Biamp audio solutions that provide a high-quality experience, including: 
  • Beamtracking microphones
  • Power-over-Ethernet amplifiers
  • desono™ conferencing speakers
  •  Soundmasking
  •   Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  •  DSPs
  •  VoIP deployment tools
Whether you’re refreshing a meeting room or designing and installing a new solution on a tight timeline, experts from Biamp and AVI-SPL explain how they can tackle these challenges quickly and efficiently.
Recorded live on March 6, 2019

Moderated by Tom LeBlanc

Commercial Integrator

Guest Speaker:
Zach Snook

Audio Products Manager,

Guest Speaker:

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