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Video Collaboration: 
Where It’s Going and How to Get There
The goal of this free webinar is to help technology professionals plan better video collaboration strategies. Each organization has different goals and variables. So the challenge becomes how to understand the key trends impacting collaboration and incorporating unique needs into a technology game plan.

Tom LeBlanc, editorial director for Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions, will discuss those challenges with a technology professional from AVI-SPL, an integration firm tasked with designing and deploying video collaboration solutions for diverse customers.

Audience members can submit questions before and during the live webinar to be answered by the expert panelists. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a better video collaboration strategy.
Recorded live October 31, 2018

Tom LeBlanc

Commercial Integrator

Saundra Merollo

Senior Sales Engineer, Sharp

Tim Hill

VP of Engineering for Systems Integration, AVI-SPL
Expert panelists from Sharp and AVI-SPL will analyze key trends that impact how collaboration solutions are being deployed and used in today’s work environments.

For instance, how important of a role will artificial intelligence (AI) play in the future of collaboration? According to a Microsoft survey, 95 percent of white-collar workers say they’d embrace AI if it helps them improve their workplace processes.

Saundra Merollo, senior sales engineer for Sharp, will explain which trends truly matter as you're designing a collaboration strategy.
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