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How to Bring Multiple UC Services into One Solution
Recorded Live on September 19, 2018 
Unified communications technology is pervasive in today’s workplace. Email is most obvious, but instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, telephony, and more all work together to create a full unified communications solution. You need them all to work in tandem to get the most out of your workforce – if they can’t communicate, they can’t effectively work.
In this interactive joint panel discussion from AVI-SPL and Polycom you’ll learn how to build an a-la-cart unified communications system that brings the best of various UC services into a single solution.
             Guest Speakers

Jonathan Blackwood

Managing Editor

Jennifer Hicks

Polycom Channel Manager for AVI-SPL

Dustin Hannifin

Microsoft Solutions Achitect, Polycom

Tom Nyhus

Director of Partner
Alliances, AVI-SPL
What You’ll Learn in This Free Webinar:
In this webinar, recorded live on September 19th, a joint panel of industry experts from AVI-SPL and Polycom discussed the unified communications marketplace and evolution as a whole, and drilled down to give you actionable information on how to make various services work together. These experts explained how they’ve created solutions that pull together many manufacturers, and how that has helped their clients succeed.

After watching this free webinar from Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions you’ll understand what you need – and everything you can do – to ensure you get the best UC services for your organization working together.
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