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Product Independence: What It Is, Why You 
Need It and How to Get It
Recorded Live on September 26, 2018
 Free webinar explains why product independence when it comes to revenue is extremely valuable and how AV integrators can achieve it more easily than they realize.
Manufacturers make products. Integrators sell products. Customers buy products. These statements will always be true. However, AV integration businesses can benefit greatly by having product independence as part of their revenue strategy. Join us to learn more about how adding non-product-dependent service revenue can improve a company’s bottom line.

Moderated By:
Tom LeBlanc,

Commercial Integrator

Guest Speaker: 
Jim Nista

Senior Director, 
Content Creation Services, 
Almo Pro A/V

Guest Speaker:
Eric Olson

Business Development Manager,
Almo Pro A/V

Guest Speaker:
Brian Rhatigan

Director of Business
Almo Pro A/V
Free Webinar Explains Path to Product Independence
Section 1: Why Product Independence Is Beneficial
Moderator Tom LeBlanc, editor of Commercial Integrator, talks to Almo Pro AV director of business development Brian Rhatigan about the business risks of being too product revenue dependent and why Almo launched nobox.

Section 2: Adding Product Independence to Digital Signage Sales
Jim Nista, senior director of content creation services for Almo Pro A/V, will talk about a more product agnostic approach to digital signage sales that will actually help integrators better connect with their customers’ visions.

Section 3: Programmed for Service Revenue
Eric Olson will talk about how, using nobox, integrators can package things like control and DSP programming in a more forward-thinking and revenue-balanced way.
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