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Understanding the LED Video Technology That Is Right 
for Your Applications
In case you haven’t noticed, LED video is a big deal. There are countless providers of 
LED video display solutions, many of which are competing for attention in a category by slinging around hyperbolic marketing claims and phantom technology terms. 
As a result, the LED video display category has become flooded with confusion. 
That has to change. This free webinar, presented by Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions with AVI-SPL and Christie Digital, is a great first step toward demystifying confusion around the LED video category.
 Recorded Live on August 15 

Tom LeBlanc

Commercial Integrator

Martin Waverley

Christie Digital

Carlos Lerma


Ted Romanowitz

Christie Digital
What You’ll Learn in This Free Webinar:
Attendees of this free webinar will walk away with an understanding of the fundamentals of LED. Plus, expert panelists from Christie and AVI-SPL will dig into LED technology, helping attendees to cut through the marketing speak and better understand the features of LED displays that will actually make a difference in their applications.
  • Are you focused on command and control room applications? We’ll help you understand which LED display solutions are right for your application?
  • Are you focused on digital signage or video wall applications? You’ll learn how to choose the right LED display for your projects.
CI and TD editor-in-chief Tom LeBlanc, moderator, will ask questions aimed at providing webinar attendees with the information they need to make better decisions when it comes to implementing LED displays. The focus will be on understanding which solutions are right for various applications.
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