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Taking Pulse of Your Automation Resources
Many integration firms struggle with inefficiencies, labor shortage or expertise gaps within their automation programmers. That’s understandable. It’s not understandable, however, not to have a plan for how to address those shortfalls without negatively affecting a project or your customer’s experience. Join us for this FREE webcast to learn how to take pulse of your automation resources and what steps to take to fill any gaps.
Recorded Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Moderated By:
Tom LeBlanc

Editor-in- Chief, 
Commercial Integrator

Guest Speaker:
Eric Olson

Business Development Manager, Almo Pro A/V

Guest Speaker:
Logan Hinnant

Managing Member
Odyssey Integration LLC

Guest Speaker:
Mark Plukas

Operations Manager
Damiano Global
Live Online Event
In a free webinar, CI editor Tom LeBlanc and Almo’s Eric Olson, the distributor’s business development manager who oversees third-party automation programming service Almo CONTROL, will analyze results of a survey that unveils where typical integration firms need automation programming help.  Attendees will walk away with 
  • A better sense of their automation resources
  • An understanding of inefficiencies that that they might not have previously recognized 
  • A game plan for tightening up their automation operations
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