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In with Fiber, Out with Copper: 
A Case for Rethinking AV System Design
Free webcast argues that in most cases copper cabling is insufficient and fiber cabling delivers more reliable, forward-compatible results for AV systems. Experts tackle outdated misconceptions of fiber challenges.
Recorded Live Wednesday, November 29, 2017 @ 2pm EST

Moderated By:
Tom LeBlanc,

Editor-in- Chief, 
Commercial Integrator

Guest Speaker:
Robert D’Addario, 

President/Managing Director,
Cleerline Technology Group

Guest Speaker:
Todd Whitaker,

Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Inneos

Guest Speaker:
Eric Bodley,

Future Ready
At Last: It’s the Copper vs. Fiber Cable Face-Off
Who are you rooting for? Is it the old champ or the new up-and-comer that’s going to be victorious?
This free webinar explores the myths and misconceptions swirling around our two entries. 
  • Why fiber “just can’t get no respect” from some in the AV industry
  • Which one can go the distance
  • What new treatments helped one participant put past issues aside 
  • Which one is easier to get along with, whether it’s at home or in a commercial setting
  • Which one will be a champ in the future
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