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Rethink Everything about How You Sell Digital Signage
The digital signage market is exploding at a meteoric rate, but is your digital signage business going gangbusters? Probably not and there’s a reason – most integration firms don’t sell digital signage in the best possible way.In this free webcast Almo Pro A/V challenges status quo and lays out game plan for companies looking to take their digital signage sales to the next level.
Originally broadcast live on Wednesday, October 25th.

Moderated By:
Tom LeBlanc

Editor-in- Chief, 
Commercial Integrator

Guest Speaker:
Jay Saret

Business Manager,
Almo Pro A/V

Guest Speaker:
Jim Nista

Live Online Event
In this free webcast, digital signage experts from distributor Almo Professional A/V challenge the integration community to rethink everything about how they sell digital signage:
  • What questions to ask customers?
  • How to get customers excited about their message
  • How to get involved in the content-creation end of the digital signs equation
  • How to evaluate where profit and revenue ought to stem from in a digital signage customer relationship
  • How to continually engage with customers as their needs evolve, seizing opportunities to continually address and solve those needs
  • When and how to educate customers about digital signage hardware and software
  • How to build managed services around digital signage
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