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6 Reasons Integrators Should Be Selling Broadband Services
Start earning recurring revenue by delivering broadband connectivity integration customers need to optimize today’s highly interactive audio-video systems.  

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Originally broadcast live on: August 16th 2PM est

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In a free webcast, Commercial Integrator lays out six reasons why integrators absolutely be selling broadband services. Join Rob Voorhees, business development manager for Almo CONNECT, and John Carroll, project manager for Richmond, Va.-based integration firm Nard’s Entertainment, as they discuss how integrators and their customers can benefit.
Today’s systems require more connectivity.
  • Not being able to sell broadband services may result in unsatisfactory system performance.
  • Not being able to sell broadband services may result in disconnecting with the customer as they turn to another solution provider.
  • Almo CONNECT has relationships with broadband providers that their customers know, will feel comfortable with and you get to save them a step.
  • It’s a recurring revenue opportunity.
  • It ultimately allows them to deliver the experience the customer wants and leads to repeat (and recurring) business.
Start earning recurring revenue by delivering a service your customers need.
Guest Speakers: 
Rob Voorhees, Business Development Manager for Almo CONNECT
John Carroll, Project Manager for Nard’s Entertainment
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