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Speak Like an IT Director – 
Spend 45 Minutes and Open Profit Opportunities
This free Commercial Integrator webcast, sponsored by Belden, aims to set AV integration firms onto a path toward better sales conversations with customers IT directors and departments.

Join The Webcast With Tom LeBlanc

Editor-in-Chief, Commercial Integrator

Originally recorded live on 
May 17th

On-Demand Webcast:
Traditionally, it’s the AV integration firm that sells audio, video and communication solutions to an organization. Traditionally, it’s that organization’s facilities manager that make the technology purchasing decisions. However, times have changed and now it’s likely an IT director that has the most pull in those technology purchasing decisions.
Moderated by CI editor-in-chief Tom LeBlanc, a panel including folks from Belden and Accu-Tech will use a roundtable discussion format to tackle issues preventing better communication between AV integrators and IT departments:
  • What’s the root of IT directors’ skepticism toward AV integrators?
  • Steps toward creating a common language that would inspire confidence 
  • How integrators can do a better job of delivering networked AV systems
  • Tips on how to build network solutions for individual customers 
  • Product solutions such as RevConnect by Belden
Guest Speakers:

Holly Head,
Director of Audio Visual & Broadcast Solutions 

Elizabeth Stephan, RCDD, CTS,
Dir. of Sales and Channel, Broadcast/AV Division
Derek Sands, CTS
Design Engineer
You'll also learn the following:
• Do AV integrators generally make an effort to understand IT infrastructure?

• Network considerations integrators should take regarding their customers’ infrastructure

• Success stories from integrators that have overcome these challenges with IT directors

Originally recorded live on May 17th

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