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AV over IP: How to Thrive in a 
Post-Matrix Switching Era
This FREE 1- hour webcast, presented by ZeeVee and CI, challenges integration firms to weigh the benefits of standards-based AV over IP versus more labor-intensive matrix switches.

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With Tom LeBlanc

Originally broadcast live on
April 19th @ 2:00PM est

On-Demand Event
Not too long ago, AV over IP didn’t seem to be a serious threat to the matrix-switching approach to video distribution

That is no longer the case.

AV over IP is now — and perhaps inevitably — a highly sought solution for customers distributing important video content across their organizations. 
CI Editor-in-Chief Tom LeBlanc moderates as ZeeVee CEO Bob Michaels and a panel of consultants and integrators dig into how integrators benefit by using AV over IP because it is:
  • Easier and quicker to deploy, increasing productivity and more jobs
  • Likely to increase revenue as more customers are open to AV over IP and have content to distribute
  • A leading-edge technology and marks your company as innovative
Hear step-by-step how embracing AV over IP can increase your firm’s volume while embracing high standards. You will walk away with a plan for evolving your business.

If you offer matrix switches, don't miss the opportunity to see where the market is going. 

If you don't, well, you definitely don't want to miss this free webinar.
Guest Speaker: 
Bob Michaels, 
Guest Speaker: 
Steve Metzger, 
Co-Founder/VP of Hardware Development & Operations, 

Originally broadcast live on 
April 19th @ 2:00PM est

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