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How to Future-Proof Digital Signage: 
It’s More than You Think
In a free Commercial Integrator webcast, Brawn Consulting’s Alan Brawn anchors a conversation about how integrators and consultants can make sure their customers’ digital signage solutions are future proof.

Moderated By: Craig MacCormack

Mar. 22nd @ 2:00PM est

On-Demand Recording Available Now!
On-Demand Webcast:
If there is one thing you don’t want out of a digital signage solution, it’s for it to be outdated.
Part of the appeal of digital signage is that it turns old-school communication methods on their heads. When an investment in a digital signage solution quickly fails to meet evolving requirements, well, somebody didn’t do their job well enough.
View the recording now and listen as we tackle the following:
  • Fundamentals of step-by-step future-proofing, including identifying business goals and strategies
  • Aligning the right technologies in terms of resources and best practices
  • Having the right plan when it comes to support, maintenance, service and budgets
  • Focusing on benefits such as revenue growth, profits, utilization and ROI
Guest Speaker: 
Alan Brawn, Brawn Consulting
Guest Speaker: 
Daniel Shannon, Ponto Solutions
Then there are technology questions that go into future proofing.
Brawn and an integrator, along with moderator Craig MacCormack of CI, explore:
  • To 4K or not to 4K and how to avoid signal transport issues
  • Marrying display calibration to source material
  • Understanding videowall processors
  • Bandwidth challenges
  • And much more!

    Originally broadcast live on
    March 22nd @ 2:00PM est

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