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On Demand Free Webcast
17 Tips for Winning Over Customers’ IT Directors
Watch this On-Demand FREE CI Webcast where integrators learn to understand concerns of their customers’ IT directors and overcome with well-thought-out solutions.

View the Recording Now Moderated By: 
Tom LeBlanc

Originally Recorded Live on Nov. 30, 2016
Some of the tips you'll learn by watching this recorded webcast are:
Tip #1:
Get to Know Your Customer's Network
Tip #2:
Understand customer's budget and funding process
Tip #3:
Don't assume video knowledge
Tip #4:
Be schooled in best practices: when it comes to securing IP devices
Tip #5:
Establish and manage a complete network tracking sheet
Tip #6:
Consider service providers
We all have the same goal—for organizations to benefit from dynamic solutions that will improve their operations while maintaining the integrity of their networks – and this free webinar will help everybody get there.
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